Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Where is the week going?

Did a mate a favour on Monday and went to Stoke On Trent to pick up an engine for him.  Really enjoyed the drive, had to take a lunch break and shut my eyes for 20 minutes, but it was an easy drive.  Kept me away from daytime telly and got me out in the daylight.

Had a scan on Tuesday at The Nuffield.  It was an MRI scan, never had that before, evidently the surgeons like to see them before going in.  Hope they got good pictures.   The young lady doing the scan said it was very noisy and she could play me some music, I said I would sleep though it.  She said again, "it is very noisy".  They played me some awful country and western compilation CD and I nodded off in no time.  When the scan finished I was in that really deep sleep you get sometimes and she struggled to wake me up.  So I still don't know what an MRI scan is like as I slept through it.

We went to see Jude, Bella and Sam on the way home to leave them some Christmas presents and eat mince pies.  Sam has discovered computers and specifically, the Cbeebies website.  Jude has found an incredibly effective way of limiting the time he spends on it.  However he will soon discover that the laptop needs to be plugged in and switched on for the battery to stay charged.

Not up to much today.  It is Banbury Academy Carol Service this evening at 6:30 and I am looking forward to some Christmas tunes and a mince pie.  Was hoping to make the most of this good week before the next round of Chemo but Christams seems to be getting in the way :-)   I have postponed Christmas to 28/29/30th December as I shall be staying at Hotel Churchill on 24,25,26th.  Maybe I can have two Christmases! 

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