Saturday, 8 December 2012

Simple things

Up lateish after a night of bad dreams, not much sleep and rumbling digestive system.  Got going and Sharon and I went to do Mum's shopping for her.  Had an outbreak of chemohead at the checkout and couldn't get the pin number right, tried 3 times and then had to give up and use another card as it locked me out.  Amazing how something I have known for years can suddenly get re-arranged in my head.   Had to ring the bank to get the pin unblocked, why do they ask such stupid security questions?  How many of you readers know the amount of the credit to your account last Thursday?  What chance does a man with chemohead stand?

Also walked round to the Post Office.  As a man on ESA benefit I am entitled to 36 stamps at 2011 prices.  Don't get excited, all cards will still be electronic, but I will have enough stamps to last a year.  Mum is also entitled as a pensioner, so we got hers as well.  Had some lunch and I then had an outbreak of lethargy.  Made a load of newspaper logs using the dry log maker, but it seemed to take ages and isn't exactly hard work.  Watched a bit of telly.  Sharon went and stocked up our supplies and then cooked tea.

Just come back from the King's.   It is Oliver's 17th birthday.  Seems strange not to be having a party for him, as there have been some over the years the best definitely being the Harry Potter party where we played indoor Quiditch in Church House Bodicote.  I probably wouldn't have coped with Indoor Quiditch in my current state.

Off to bed soon, let's hope it works better tonight.

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