Thursday, 13 December 2012

Pleasant cople of days, with some stress.

Not been very active, but also haven't been a couch potato.  Brian came to see me yesterday, he wanted a decent run in his new Freelander2 and drove down from Cheshire for lunch and a cup of tea.  Was really nice to have a visitor, we chatted cars, politics and education.  Thanks Brian.

Went into town on Tuesday in the hope of getting some Christmas shopping out the way.  It never happened, Amazon/eBay here I come.  Walked round town, which was a fair trek and my legs felt it so much that I had to go to BHS for a coffee and a sit down, oh and a donut for energy.  After the shopping expedition I decided to take the Polo for a run as the water that leaks through the battery box into the footwell had frozen and I couldn't bail it out.   A 20 mile run round warmed it through and I bailed it out when I got home.

Today I have been trying to get my electronic Christmas card sorted, write the Christmas newsletter and send out the Christmas emails.  I failed miserably.  I was interrupted at lunch time by a call from my sister to tell me Mum had fallen over again and the wardens were on the way to help her up.  Mum had asked that the careline didn't call me, because she thought I was busy and didn't want to be trouble.  I left it a while and walked over.  The wardens had got her up, put her in clean clothes this time and she was happy.  Went and had a word with the wardens, they were very worried about how pale she was and the fact that she wasn't very coherent when they got there.   Mum didn't want to go to A+E, so I rang the doctor.  The doctor decided that it wasn't urgent and a home visit tomorrow would be the best option.  So the doctor is coming tomorrow.  I will be at an appointment with a radiotherapy consultant.

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