Tuesday, 1 January 2013

What a great day

Big family get together today with The Whiting Northern branch calling in for lunch on their way back oop north. Also joined by my sister and family and Mum. So 12 people and 3 dogs, a large piece of gammon and a chicken accompanied by jacket potatoes and salad.

It lifted my spirits. I was on a real downer yesterday and spiralling towards oblivion. A couple of little things kicked it off and my chemohead reaction to them made me feel even worse. I think the added, normal, anti climax that is new year contributed.

The sun was shining when I got up and there was lots going on. Lifted my spirit and a house full kept me smiling. Penny has left her dogs here whilst they go to Devon for a couple of days, so they will keep me amused. Mistie(smaller grey lurcher) found some fox poo to roll in. My sister had read that Tomato Ketchup gets rid of it. We now have a tomato smelling lurcher.

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