Sunday, 20 January 2013

Busy saturday

Ian made an early start clearing snow off of vehicles so we could get the Land Rover out. About an hours effort in total, including pushing and jump starting the Land Rover which hasn't moved for weeks. Why are jump leads always broken when you need them? Repaired the leads and eventually got it going using the Polobanger as a starter battery.
I have lost all my strength. I couldn't squeeze the jump lead clamps and we struggled to move the Land Rover with 2 of us, I used to be able to push it on my own. The work bought me out in a huge sweat and I had to stop for a break between moving it and starting it. I think we enjoyed ourselves though.

Once we were up and running we went round to Ian's Grandad to check he was OK. The hilly residential areas of Banbury are great fun in the snow. Then took Lauren and Ian back to theirs for clean clothes and some bits and pieces. The main roads were fine and the side roads usable. Glad I've got a Land Rover though.

Watched a bit of telly and then went to the chip shop for tea. Quiet evening in, recovering from the exertions.

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