Saturday, 19 January 2013

Friday chill

The district nurse came on Thursday, so I was free all morning. Wasted it by watching the Rhod Gilbert Man with a flaming battenberg tattoo DVD. Very funny and just what I needed after 3 days at hotel Churchill and a day at home.

Lauren and Ian decided to move in so they weren't snowed out of Banbury on Thursday night. Lauren got sent home from work at lunchtime and so did Sharon. So they were at home. Lauren and I watched Jesus Christ Superstar on DVD. I saw the original West End production in 1971ish, had the album and still know nearly every word. Lauren wants to go and see the stadium production in Birmingham next March, but like so much, that's beyond my planning threshold. I am sure if we buy tickets and I can't go someone will use the tickets.

Ian and I cooked sausage hotpot for tea and very nice it was too. Sausage, Apple, Cider, Cheese and Potato with cinnamon. Ate that, the girls washed up and we watched the TinTin feature film.

A day full of not very much. Little activity and with the steroids still going, I was fine. Not sure how long it will last, blood pressure is still a bit high, but falling weight is back down to 111kg. Last of the steroids today so we'll see how tomorrow goes.
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