Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Busy Day

Feels like week 3!  Went out in the Land Rover this morning.  It hasn't moved for 5 weeks, the handbrake has seized off as I left it off when I last parked it up.  No amount of pulling the lever puts it on.  Not sure if I will find the energy to take it apart and fix it this week, in which case it will wait until the end of the next cycle.  Went to see Andy, haven't seen him since before Christmas, have spoken to him on the phone.  He is in a bad way with a damaged shoulder and his back playing up.  Hope the NHS can work as well for him as it has for me so far.

Back home for lunch.  Needed to think about everything the consultant had told me and get the timings sorted in my head and after it buzzing around for a bit I decided to go for a drive.  40 minutes in the Polo round the wilds of Banburyshire seems to have sorted it out and I think I have got my head round what is going to be a scary experience.  When I had the first op, I knew nothing of hospitals and still hadn't even spent a night in one.  I know so much more about them now.  The unknown doesn't scare me so there was nothing to worry about the first time.  I thought there wre things to worry about this time, but what the hell, it's just another adventure is my conclusion from a drive this afternoon.

Then spent a very enjoyable, and productive couple of hours at a school governors training course.  I now know a lot more about The Aspirations Framework and how it applies to school at all levels.  Also starting to see how much impact it is having on students and staff.  Look forward to the impact showing in academic results soon too.

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