Wednesday, 30 January 2013

3 days at a time, becoming a habit!

Look at it like this, if I am only posting every 3rd day, it's because I am busy and having a good time so I don't have time to post on here.

Fairly lazy day Monday, paid my tax bill and did a few other odds and ends.  Felt pretty good all day though.  Sharon was in and out all day making the most of her day off.  I'd like her to be able to get a few days off so we could go away somewhere whilst I feel good, but not sure it is going to happen.

Tuesday was a trip out, went to see a friend of a friend in Cradeley Heath.  Funny bit of the Black Country where residential estates and industrial estates exist right next to each other.  Pleasant trip though and good to be out and about.

Today I have been to a school meeting in town, had a wander round the shops and picked up a prescription.  Went out for a drive this afternoon, just to get some daylight and fresh air really.  Have wasted the rest of the day browsing around the web.

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