Thursday, 24 January 2013

Got off my bottom

Decided I had to get going today. Reasonably early start, was expecting Martine and Angus for coffee on their way back from the dentist to Guernsey. I had decided beef and ale pie would be good for tea and popped to Sainsbury's for some odds and ends and a bottle of ale. Back in time for M and A, quick coffee and Martine said she was taking Andy out for brunch for his birthday and I was going too. So I got togged up in my thermals and fired up the Land Rover. Martine followed in her 206 hire car, Angus came with me. We thought the back road would be more fun, after all we were in a 4x4 and Martine is a rally driver. Road was still covered in snow and quite icy, but fun.

We went and admired Andy's wood burner and then went to the Heyford Community cafe for brunch. A very good brunch it was too, interesting tea cosies.

Ran around and did a few jobs with Andy and came home about 3:30 so as not to overdo it and to be here when Lauren came round. Got going in the kitchen and created Beef+Ale pie, Apple tarts and mince pies. Very nice it was too.

Busy day tomorrow, school meeting with Sir Tony Baldry MP in my capacity as chair of governors. Early night tonight then. Pictures will be as random as they always are when posted from my blackberry.
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