Sunday, 27 January 2013

3 days to catch up!

FRIDAY was a good day.  Good to go to a couple of school governor meetings and have my brain together enough to be useful.  Also good to be doing something other than vegetating.  Lauren and Ian came for tea and stayed the night so we could make an early start to Cambridge on Saturday.  I thought for a while about what to cook for tea and in the end decided on a curry extravaganza, Turkey Biryani and Lam Rogan Josh with Spinach and Peas.

SATURDAY and an early start to Cambridge for a haircut.  Ian volunteered to drive, very pleasant to be driven.  I took him on a walking tour of the city centre whilst the girls had their haircut.  Popped into see Vince just as he was finishing Sharon's hair and he put the clippers through mine.  Not sure I should have taken it all off as drastically as I have, will it ever grow back?  Vince says it is much softer than it used to be and I think there is more of it in the areas it still exists.  Lunch in Starbucks and then we called to see Mark and Pam briefley before we drove home.  I still love Cambridge as a city, walking round it bought back many fond memories, mostly of pubs.

Went over to Andy and Cheryl's about 8:00 pm to help Andy celebrate his birthday.  Cheryl had cooked some fantastic food, in a 1970's theme.  Fondue to start, Beef Bourginione as main and Lemon Syllabub for afters.  All was amazing, dessert especially so, I eat 2 and a half portions :-).  Got home about 2:30am. 

SUNDAY got off to a very slow start, long time since I have got up after mid-day.  Haven't done much, roast is in the oven and I think it will probably be an early night.   Looking forward to week 3 in the cycle and some normality.  Would really like to hear the date for the next round of surgery so I have some idea how long of normality I have.

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