Thursday, 3 January 2013

Who could be down with this going on

How could I possibly feel down with this going on?  Maisie, Mist and Lauren decided to share the sofa but it is impossible to get comfortable.  I think Lauren will lose the battle for space.

Fairly active day yesterday, I needed to get out and about having been hardly anywhere since Christmas Eve.  Drove over to see Lauren for a cup of coffee, came home via the car was to clean the Polo as I couldn't see out of the windows.  Chris came and took the Subaru at lunch time, sad to see it gone but relieved it has gone.

Busy day today as well.  Finished of my 2012 accounts and completed my tax return online this morning and then went and picked Lauren up.  We have had a trip into town to sort out my banking, walk round some shops and drink coffee.  Pleasant afternoon.

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