Monday, 21 January 2013

What a waste.......

Started sorting out my netbook this morning. Have windows and all my software back and am waiting for 31 updates to install before I go to bed.

Drove down to Oxford in the Land Rover this afternoon, to see Mr George the surgeon. I wouldn't think it possible to spend 20 minutes with someone and know less afterwards, but that's what happened. He started the appointment by saying we may have had a wasted journey as his colleague has already scheduled a date for surgery. He didn't know the date. He did examine me, but I got the impression he was only doing it to make me feel better about battling through the snow to see him.

Got back and went and did Mum's shopping. Then cooked paella for tea. Simon called in to see me, glad to see he has got over the flu. He always cheers me up. He doesn't like Miranda but we laughed our way through mrs Brown's Boys.

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