Friday, 30 November 2012

Not good news.

Just back from seeing the consultant, who has the images from my scan but not the full report.  However, one of the radiographers had been down before I saw him to draw his attention to the two bright areas in my groin, which means either they didn't get rid of all the cancer cells when they operated and it is growing again or there is some post operational infection.  He is also concerned about my right kidney which also showed some abnormality and that correlates with the lower back pain I have been getting.

Very down about it at the moment, so I am getting it out of my system by writing.  Sharon is checking it from the sofa to make sure I get it right.  Round 7 of Chemo is going ahead on Monday, so 3 more days at hotel Churchill, hope they have my usual suite available.  Need something fun and exciting to do this weekend, any ideas anyone?

My brother is out in India doing voluntary work at the moment and he is blogging as well, so if you fancy a change from the world of chemotherapy and cancer have a look at


  1. Not the news we wanted to hear . But we are all fighting with you and here behind you 100% xxx

  2. Oh Graham, I am so sorry to hear that. Thinking of you, Sharon and family. Hugs. Xxx

  3. Oh Graham, I feel for you hard. You're not beaten yet though so keep fighting. In our thoughts every day....all of you. Xxx

  4. You stay strong brother. Its tough but you can fight it and win.