Thursday, 1 November 2012

Few quiet days

Not done much. Slept quite well and plenty of it. Late starts, not much other than a walk here and there. Had bone ache Tuesday but it had gone by Wednesday.

Currently sat on Lauren's sofa waiting to hear that Sharon is on her way so we can start cooking. Chicken and Chorizo paellla, bought my own pan and ingredients as it was a last minute plan from Lauren.

Been a bit down emotionally since coming out of hospital last week. I think the 10 cycles and going on into next year has taken its toll. I have gone from next cycle being the end to being just over halfway and I never did anything! Will find some resources in there, need to do something interesting at the weekend. All ideas welcome.
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  1. Ummmm.. Stan lake are doing there yearly Banger racing family day finishing off with fireworks :-)

    1. Sounds fun Emma Ta. I wonder if the rocket cars are at Santa POd? Googlegoogle.