Friday, 16 November 2012

It's done my head in proper this time

Worst Chemohead yet.  Found myself halfway down the garden this morning in my socks, forgot to put my shoes on and didn't notice.  My head has been really fuzzy, concentration impossible, simple things a challenge.   Clearing a bit this evening, probably the Magner's Cider I had with the sausage hotpot.

Slow start to the day, then about 9:15 I  remembered it was Friday and the District Nurse was due at any time between 9:00 and 12:00.  Fortunately she didn't turn up until about 10:30 by which time I was showered and up.  An uneventful dressing change and flush.

Went and did Mum's shopping, good job I had a list as my brain wasn't capable of doing it with the list, would have been a disaster without.  Had lunch with Mum and came home with her bank card in my wallet, brain failure again.  I was going to be really lazy and drive and do the shopping, but I didn't think I was safe behind the wheel.

Had  brief sleep early afternoon for about an hour and then didn't do very much at all until cooking tea.  Now sat on the sofa watching Children In Need.  It's very difficult listening to them talking about people dying of cancer.  Also had news that one of my fellow school governors has lost his battle and died from lung cancer this week.  Staying positive is a big challenge and I am just about managing it at the moment.  I really want a date for my PET scan and some good news about what's happening next.  Not knowing if Chemo will carry on, how well it's working and what's next is doing my head in.

Nothing planned for the weekend, see how I feel.

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