Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Becky reads the blog!

Just been having a chat with Sister Becky. She has not been working over the weekend and Monday so she had a read of my blog post to see what state the ward was in before she came back! She also said I have had an enormous amount of chemo drugs through me and she thinks I have done incredibly well.

Moved beds today. Out of my radio active bunker into a 4 bed ward. First time I have been the oldest on the ward. That changed this afternoon though after a bed swap. Also the first time I have been in a 4 bed ward and chatted to anyone. Thanks Jake.

As for the food, managed a jacket potato and cheese for lunch but couldn't face an evening meal. Had a can of ginger beer, some jelly babies and a kit kat, much better than food and Martine told me to eat what I feel like when this all started.
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