Saturday, 3 November 2012

Children make me smile

After a fairly quiet week I was expecting visitors on Friday, Rob, Jude, Bella and Sam.  I had been thinking of getting the Scalextric out for a month or so, but the thought of a 50something bloke playing with his Scalextric on his own was just sad.  However, visitors with a 4 year old boy, excellent excuse.  We all spent an hour on Friday morning squealing, laughing and having a good race.  Well actually Rob had one go, Jude had one go and the kids spent the rest of the time in charge of the controllers, trying different cars and having fun.  I didn't even get a drive!  But I did have all afternoon to play after they went............................

Video on facebook

Week 3 of the cycle is about to start, physically I feel good, emotionally and mentally at the moment I feel fragile.  I know it's just a change of timescale and plan, but I am so disappointed it is going to hang around into next year.  Those extra few months seem a small price to pay if it works and kills the cancer cells, but something inside of me just wants to get on with life.  After all, none of us know how much we life we have left and I would like to get on with mine.   The whole avoid infection, take it easy, don't overdo it thing is starting to get to me.  I am bored, I need to do something, finding things to do that don't involve risk of infection, over exertion and being careful is not easy.

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