Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Home again Home again giggety gig.

After breakfast we walked across to Chichester market, bit of a disappointment, markets aint what they used to be.  Then we went up to Chichester Cathedral, had a wander round, amazing building.  Back to the car about 11:30 and drove down to the sea at Selsey.

Proper sea, not like the creeks and harbour of Portsmouth.

Took a picturesque cross country drive from there to Winchester, via the South Downs.  Some fabulous views and at one point a section of something very rare nowadays, open road without another car in site.

Used the Winchester park and ride, had a wander round town and then walked out to the Cathedral Christmas market.  Coffee and cake in the coffee shop and then a walk round the Christmas Market.  After that we met neice Jess and took her for a pizza.  Jess said it was the first hot meal she had eaten in a couple of weeks.  Student life must be such fun.  Walked back down, got the bus and drove home.

Think I have done really well over the two days.  Walked loads, driven loads and generally felt pretty good.  My walking is slower than it used to be and stairs aren't easy at the moment.  Think that is mainly a lack of fitness from doing so little through the chemo.  Got a bit dehydrated today, making it up now and should sleep well tonight.  Came home to a letter confirming my appointment on Friday and one with Radiotherapy on 14/12.   Yipee?


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