Monday, 3 September 2012

Up Early

Was up at 7:15 as I had to be at school for 8:30. Today was launch day for Banbury Academy. Russ Quaglia ( had come over from America for the occasion and Steve Kenning of was also there. As I am Chair of Governors and am on a good week I thought it would do me good to go. And it did. Lots of people pleased to see me up and about and probably the most human contact I have had for over 6 weeks.

Got home about 10:30 and did Mums shopping for her. Had a spot of lunch and then wired the manual fan switch in the Polo. Feeling pretty good at the moment so I am planning to make the most of it and enjoy the week before I go back into hospital in 7 days. I am over a third of the way through and getting next week out the way will put me half way through.
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