Thursday, 6 September 2012

Still feeling good

Up early and went to a farm sale with Andy.  Great fun, nearly bought some storage boxes, but they got more expensive at each lot, should have bought the first lot.  Andy bought some useful stuff and I wen back with him later to collect it.  Saw a beautiful ancient Diesel tank, look at this for character.

Got a phone call from the hospital asking if I can change my appointment to 10:00 am tomorrow.  So we are off to Oxford early tomorrow and plan to carry on down to Sharon's Dad in Dorset for a couple of days.  Blog posting will stop as the internet hasn't got to much of Dorset yet, even for mobile phones.

Have felt better the past few days than I have since the Chemo started.  Unfortunately I am sure that will all end on Monday when I go back for round 3.  But hey ho, I will be half way next week and in the second half the week after.

Had a lovely phone call this afternoon from Tracey at Pharos today.  Haven't spoken to them for ages, havent worked for them for years, but one of my blog posts had got to her via LinkedIn and she rang to offer support.  It is so good to know so many people are thinking of me.  Next week in the middle of the night in The Churchill hospital I will need your thoughts.  Thank You.

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