Thursday, 27 September 2012

Great Day

Felt good when I got up this morning.   Felt even better when Martine (Lymophoma victim, chemo sufferer and my main attitude guru) turned up.  She is in Banbury with her son, Angus, for a couple of days because orthodontists here are cheaper than Guernsey even after you pay the ferry.   She needed to go to Marton to pick up some rally car bits and see Andy Baker, so I went along as co-driver and sat nav interpreter.  Whilst we were drinking coffee in Andy's workshop we got a phone call from Andy Corner, who Martine was staying with, saying his parts were ready in Tamworth and we were already half way there.  So on to Tamworth.

Martine had promised Angus and me lunch at The Long Itch Diner, but that's the wrong way for Tamworth and we had to make do with Burger King at Corley services on the M6.  Had trouble finding the place in Tamworth but got there in the end.  Got back on the M42 to find the M40 closed between Warwick and Banbury and tail backs going miles north.  I needed to be back in Banbury by 4:30 for a governors meeting at school so we took the scenic route across country.  Henley in Arden, Stratford Upon Avon and back to Banbury via Sun Rising Hill.  All went well and we were home by 4:35.

Quick turn around and straight off to school to chair the first meeting of The Banbury District Aspirations Academies' Governing Body.  Really strange comparing my mental state with the meeting 11 days ago.  Much more in control of my mind, moods and mental faculties.

Overall a great day.  Off to hospital tomorrow morning to see the consultant and discuss cycle 4, then home for a while until Lauren finishes work and then off to Dorset until Sunday.  Then cycle 4 starts.

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