Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Cycle 3 Day 2

Well Chemo commenced yesterday about 4:00 pm.  Not a bad night, few bag changes and peebreaks but slept in 2 hour chunks for about 8 hours in total between 9:30 pm and 8:00 am.  Feeling pretty good at the moment, have eaten bran flakes and fruit for breakfast and just had coffee and biscuits. So things are looking good, I have slept, I am eating and all is going well.

Managed to get disconnected long enough to shower and Sarah and Catarina did a great job of changing my bed after that.  Now up and in the chair trying to sort out an echo cardiogram  appointment that has been made for the day cycle 5 of chemo starts.  After 3 calls to a busy tone, I got through and have re-arranged to an earlier date so the results should be available before the consultant appointment.

Everything seems to be working well in The Churchill today, so lets hope everything stays that way and a good stay stays that way.

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