Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Strange Day

Felt just on the bad side of OK first thing but got going anyway. Once I was up and about I felt better and checking my temperature and blood pressure said there wasn't anything wrong. Had some breakfast, felt OK. Got hungry around 1:00 and felt really grotty. Had something to eat and felt fine.

Sharon wasn't due home from work until 7:00 so I knocked up a beef casserole as I knew she would be late and that would be OK however late she was. Got hungry again about 6:00 and felt pretty grotty again, nauseas, tired and wobbly. Sharon got in about 7:15 we ate and I feel good again.

So, hunger=grotty, full=OK. I guess my body needs fuel. I have been eating very well, but weight is staying at around 103kgs so my body must be doing something with the calories.
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