Sunday, 9 September 2012

Late night Sunday

Didnt get time to blog yesterday, was too busy having a good time.  We were in Dorset enjoying the sun until about 3:00 pm then we rushed back to Banbury for a wedding reception.

Great time in Dorset.  Cooked breakfast to start the day, then Sharon helped her Dad to prepare lunch and I left them to chat and peel.  Then Sharon and I went out to Portland to have a look at Champ harmonique.  I recorded some sound and took some pictures that I am planning to edit together and will post later in the week.  It was superb and I could have spent all afternoon there but we were short of time, so an hour it was.  Fantastic views over Chesil Beach, excellent wind powered music and wonderful reactions from the other people there.

I drove all the way down to Dorset from Oxford and I drove all the way home on Saturday.  That is the furthest I have driven since the Chemo started and I know that for the next two weeks there is no way I could do it again.  Lets hope things are good enough in the third week for me to take on that kind of task.  I did have to half half an hours nap when we got home before going out again though.

The wedding reception was for Charlotte who works with Sharon and was atBrailles Golf Club.  Really nice venue, disco had a great laser show which kept me occupied and chatting with Sharon;s colleagues was fun.  Excellent food too, I've never had Pork and Stuffing rolls with chips at a wedding reception before, excellent choice.  Thanks Charlotte and Carl.

Had a bit of a lie in this morning and then went out and put the Polo exhaust back on.  Glad I read the Club Polo forum on Saturday morning.  Putting the new rubber mounts in boiling water before trying to fit them worked.  Made them softer and stretchier, they were dead easy to get on.  Then we went and did Mum's shopping and picked up a few bits for me to survive on in hospital and had some lunch.  After lunch we popped over to Lauren and Ian's to go for a walk up Burton Dasset Hills.  I am so unfit, I only just made it to the top.  I guess it is 3 days in hospital followed by 7 days of inactivity.  Must make the effort to at least walk a bit.

Went a bit flat when we got back.  Apprehension about Cycle 3 starting tomorrow put me on a bit of a downer.  Didnt much feel like eating, but forced the enchilladas and salad down as it will be the last decent meal I get for 3 days.  Was just settling down in front of the telly and feeling pretty grim when Simon turned up.  He always cheers me up and has lifted my spirits enough to get me blogging and will go to bed happy.  Thanks Si.

Thought you might like a picture of this infamous Polo to finish with.  Night Night.
Oh and no it hasn't got a bag of concrete in the boot, that's the new suspension.

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