Friday, 7 September 2012

Internet has arrived in Portesham!

Who would believe it?  After years of no mobile signal and only neighbours secure wireless networks a BTOpenzone has appeared.  So an extra large blog from what has been an eventful day.

Got to the hospital about 9:45 for a 10:00 appointment.  Got to see the consultant about 10:30.  Not much from the meeting other than everything seems OK and treatment will continue next week.  Then had to get some blood taken, which should be fairly easy.  Waited 20 minutes and discovered the oncology vampire is a phlebotomist and phlebotomists cant take blood from a PICC line, so yet another hole in the arm.  Then off to the Day Therapy Unit to have my line flushed and the dressing changed.  This caused BIG trouble.  The staff nurse was sure the line had started to come out.  I was pretty sure it hadn't moved.  After much consultation from several nurses, comparison to my notes and an opinion from the PICC team who put it in, they decide it had moved.  They then started to pull it out so it could be used as a MID line for the treatment next week and discovered it was blocked with clotted blood.  So they took it right out.  That means the first job on Monday will be a new PICC line, which cant be done before 11:00, so Chemo wont start much before late afternoon.  This off course means I might not get out until Thursday, but hey ho.

Anyway, once we got out we popped round to the Maggies centre to see whats on offer.   Really good chat, that revealed I am entitled to FREE prerscriptions.  Just have to see my GP and get a certificate.  Have also made an appointment to see one of their advisors in Banbury to see if I am entitled to anything else.

Then we set sail for Dorset, via GSF to get the exhaust mounts for the Polo.  I got my bank card out to pay for them, expecting them to be £8 or £9, they were £1.86, had to find some change.  Drive to Dorset went well, about 3 hours to Dorchester then 20 minutes to get round Dorchester!

One of the side effects of the Chemo is strange nail growth.  Mine have gone very strong, we managed to cut most of them in the week, but my thumbs and index fingers were too tough for the nail scissors.  Sharons dad, Frank, has been cutting his neighbours nails for her, she is also on chemo, so I asked him to do mine.  He went out to the shed and came back with a pair of tin snips.  I thought he was winding me up, so I got the neighbour to come round and she confirmed, that's what he uses, so I let him at them and it worked.  He also gave me new nail file to finish them with.

We had some tea and Sharon and I popped upto West Bay to see the sea.

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