Monday, 10 September 2012

Seconds away, ROUND 3

Stayed up late last night watching the Grand Prix highlights.  Wasn't really interested in it, but going to bed would just bring today closer.  Haven't been looking forward to Cycle 3 starting, I have felt so good for the past week and coming into the Churchill to be filled with poison has not been filling me with enthusiasm. 

Got here about 10:45, the delightful Dawn is in charge of me today and she was very efficient and went and found the PICC nurse before she did anything else. That got the PICC line installation underway nice and early.  So I now have a fresh PICC line in my right arm and have been x-rayed to check the end is in the right place, waiting for a doctor to examine the x-rays and then Chemo commences.  If it gets underway in the next hour or so I could be out by mid afternoon Wednesday.


  1. Hard to imagine anyone being in charge of you! Good luck Dawn!!

  2. I did point out to her that with power comes responsibility, so it would be her fault if anything went wrong, not mine.