Wednesday, 12 September 2012


Feeling really sick today and have been since I woke up. Managed half a bowl of bran flakes for breakfast and have just had a packet of crisps for lunch but I am struggling. Haven't felt this bad before hope it goes away quickly once I get home.

Talking of home, we seem to be on for a 6:00 pm departure if all continues to go well. Ali did a great job in the night with the changeovers and the last lot is a double bag 12 hour stint that went on at 5:20am. So all I have to do is keep it going in and I could be home by 7:00.

Thanks to all who have been thinking of me. Has kept my spirits up this visit.
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  1. Everything crossed that you're home on the sofa by 7pm and that you wake up tomorrow fancying the strangest combination of foods imaginable, we'll all know you're feeling a bit better then!

  2. Graham, thinking of you. Just got over my manky chicken meal, it is great to know the body recovers and shrugs it off. Home tonight for some simple pasts and it will be the best in the world. Tomorrow the same feeling awaits you. Well done mate, keep going. It will end, and you will move on and be able to look back. Cheers and a hug. Mike