Tuesday, 18 September 2012

A Good day at last

Was up for a couple of hours in the night, too hot, stomach churning and generally restless.   Didnt feel like getting up at 8:30 when Sharon went off to work, so I switched a computer on and cleared my inbox in my dressing gown.  The post lady turned up about 9:00 with the Land Rover seat cushion I ordered on Sunday afternoon, amazing service.  That enthused me to get going and after a shower I got going removing the seat base and covering, fitting the new base and refitting the cover.  Now have a very comfy seat in the Land Rover.

Was motivated to keep going, so I packed a few bits and went off up to Burton Dasset to take on some sun.  And sunny it was, even the Polobanger looks sexy in the sun.

Enjoyed the fresh air and sun for an hour or so and then had a long route home enjoying the climb up Sun Rising Hill.  Got home and prepared and cooked beef casserole for tea, just about to eat it.  Then a sit on the sofa with Sharon and Derren Brown on the telly.

A good day.

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