Sunday, 23 September 2012

Funday Sunday

Great day today. Popped over to see Mum, her oven has broken, so that's Tuesday used up, getting it sorted.

Then off to lunch with Rob, Jude and familia. Sharon had bought some chocolate frogs that had instructions for making paper pirate hats on the wrapper. So me and the kids made them. You Wouldn't think 6 sheets of newspaper could create so much fun. I wore mine throughout lunch.

Then we went out for a ride in the Cotswolds in the Land Rover. Had to leave Sharon behind as I only have 5 seats in at the moment. We drove some of Ickneild Street, a couple of other ancient roads, 3 fords and boiled the Kelly Kettle in Guiting Woods. Not totally adventure travel, but fun for a Sunday afternoon.

On the way home we decided to accept Lauren's invitation to join her and her friends at The Easington Pub Quiz. They go every Sunday and had decided to draft in parents to help with some of the questions from before they were born. They needn't have bothered as we were rubbish and they scored worse than they normally do. But it was fun.

JR hospital in Oxford tomorrow for an echo cardiogram. To see if the chemo drugs are damaging my heart. A cheering thought, let's hope they aren't. Do you think 2 pints of Adnams Explorer will show up?
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