Saturday, 22 September 2012

Busy couple of good days

Had a very good couple of days.  Been feeling good physically and emotionally.  Decided to take myself on a trip to Leamington on Friday.  I wanted to go to the model shop there and have a closer look at some of the radio control rock crawlers.  I have had this hair brain scheme in my head to build a radio control scale Land Rover.  My idea was to combine one of the cheap kids 1/10th scale toy Land Rovers with a radio control rock crawler chassis.  Unfortunately it comes in around £300 to do it and the rock crawler chassis is the wrong wheelbase, so that will have to be shelved for a while.  Shame as I have the time at the moment.

Anyway, had a walk round Leamington and a toasted sandwich and a coffee.  Drove a few miles and generally had a pleasant time.  The exercise meant I slept well as well, helped by a large brandy before bed.  Sharon was working this morning, so we were both up at a reasonable time.  I got going, did the Sainsbury's shopping, cut both lawns and polished the Polo.  I know, polishing the Polo could well be polishing a turd, but it looks better for it, the dents really shine and I hate red paint when it goes pink as it oxidises.

Supposed to be going to lunch in Chipping Norton tomorrow with Rob, Jude and family.  Taking the Land Rover so Sam can go for a ride in it after lunch.  Lets hope tomorrow is a good day too.

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