Monday, 17 September 2012

Still here

Did Mum's shopping on Sunday, apart from that, not much else.  I was tired and having hot flushes. 

Better day today, very busy and I have been feeling good.  Late start, Sharon went dog walking and I had a lie in.  Went across to The Brodey Centre at The Horton for a meeting with a Maggie's Charity benefits advisor. It doesn't look like I am entitled to anything other than ESA, but it was worth checking and once we start to eat into our savings I now know when I can have other benefits.  Came home and enjoyed some lunch went nd filled up Mum's medicine box and then went up to a meeting at school.

The meeting was hard work mentally, it's weird how your brain gets lazy and addled by the drugs.  Concentrating was really difficult and I have lost some confidence.  But it was good to get out there and I need to push myself to keep going or my brain will just pickle.  I think I will need another quiet day tomorrow though.

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