Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Ups and downs

Great to get up to sunshine and warmth.  The warmth is having an impact on the garden and on my state of mind.  The dressing fell off in the shower again.  Spent some more time rebuilding my laptop after having to re-install windows after a registry corruption.  Appointment with the nurse was at the end of morning surgery in the emergency slots.  Was sat outside the nurses room at 12:15 for my 12:20 appointment.  The teenage girl there asked me what time my appointment was as hers was 12:10 and she was worried she had missed it.  At 12:20 an elderly gentleman turned up and sat down.  The nurse came out and he went straight in!  How do the appointment systems work in the NHS????

The nurse said the incision looks very clean and I am doing a great job of keeping it clean.  I asked her how long it would be kept open for and she said 14 days.  Bit of a shock as the hospital said 7.  The practice nurses said "Yes, the doctors always say that, but they don't do the treatment, sometimes it's 3 weeks".  So I have booked appointments at the surgery for every day this week  and next week, will have to book in the health centre for Saturday and Sunday.  Have also been in touch with radiotherapy as I don't want to waste their time and mine going to another appointment where the outcome is defer it.

The support from friends and family has been great again, thank you all.  I was in danger of having a downer, think it is the anti-biotics, but a couple of phone conversations with good old friends and lots of electronic support from so many others has got me back up again.  I am going to go mad sitting around doing nothing in this great weather.  At least fixing my laptop is giving me something to concentrate on and I have ordered a cheap Android tablet to explore next week.  I am having to duck out of a big school governors meeting this week as well, but I know it will all be fine. 

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