Friday, 19 April 2013

Option 2 wins

Hi, this is Penny - Graham's sister. His phone battery is about to pack
up having spent all day waiting to find out what's happening.

I'm not happy, in fact I'm really fed up. M&S can manage to get
Graham's undies sorted overnight why can't the doctors get their act

I have just spoken to Graham and found out that the haematoma infection
needs sorting "as an emergency". He has to stay in hospital
immediately, he will need a further operation to remove some infection
and will go onto IV antibiotics. We don't know how long this will be
for and the operation will be done as soon as possible when Graham's
name gets to the top of the "emergency list".

3 weeks ago Graham said things weren't right, he blogged that the nurses
and doctors told him it takes time to heal. I wish somebody had
listened then - maybe antibiotics 3 weeks ago would have prevented this
situation arising today. Graham takes everything in his stride, he
hasn't made a fuss about any of his treatments or hospital visits but I
think he would be justified to have a really good moan about today's news.

But in the spirit of PMA, please send Graham, Sharon and Lauren some
"infection busting" and stay strong thoughts and wishes. Graham's main
concerns this afternoon were - Sharon's trip home driving the
PoloBanger, mum's shopping list and M&S hanging on to his undies till he
is out of hospital!!!

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