Sunday, 21 April 2013

Dressing changed

I won't go into the gory details, and they are gory.  The hospital booked me an appointment at The Banbury Healthcentre for the nurse to change my dressing today.  Popped down, filled in the forms, got it changed and was home in 45 minutes or so.  The hospital had also left a message on the District nurse answerphone for them to do it tomorrow and I hadn't heard back so I left a message this morning.  The nurse at the healthcentre said the district nurse wouldn't do it if I could get to the surgery and when the district nurse rang the first thing she asked was "Can you get to the surgery?".  Had to be honest and say yes, so now it is my problem to sort out with the surgery tomorrow.  The district nurse did say if the surgery can't do it they will get someone to me.  So up early and on the phone then.

If I had swallowed a sweet the size of the antibiotics my mum would have told me off.

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