Thursday, 18 April 2013

Still Sore

Well it has been slightly less difficult as the swelling has been reduced by the fluid that Mr Mehai drew off on Monday.  But it's still BLOODY SORE!   I am on 5 or 6 pain killers a day and avoiding walking too much.  My sister (an expert researcher) discovered that the Great Britain 2012 athletes were all wearing M+S base layer support underwear.  Had a quick look on their website last night and they looked just the job. We have an M+S in town, so why do it online, I could do some real shopping!  I haven't been real shopping for ages.  So off into town I went today.

Looked at all the mens underwear, couldn't find any base layer anywhere.  Went to the pay desk and a nice lady said she couldn't help but her coleague Sue could, she would get her.  Sue arrived with what looked like a leather satchel.  It was, in fact, an iPad in a case.  She kindly found the undergarments on the M+S website, helped me set up an M+S user id and order my pants, she also let me pay.  During this process I criticised M+S web design for the appauling way it worked with the iPad and offered to sell them some consultancy about how to do it properly, she said she didn't know who was in charge of that.   My pants will be delivered to the store tomorrow.

This is in fact a whole new concept and could change retail completely.  The town centre could be full of units where people with iPads help you to order things.  Think of the increased profits, they would need less space, no shelves.  There is one flaw though, I wanted to see them in the shop to see if they would rub.

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