Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Just realised I haven't posted since Saturday!

Regular readers will know that no post is good news as I am busy getting on with things and not posting on here.  Then I get a pang of guilt and feel I am letting you all down.  So here goes.

Sunday was a great day.  Ian came round again and we put the Land Rover back together.  Well actually, I supervised and checked and Ian did all the hardwork.  He only owns modern cars and doesn't get to play with spanners on them, I think he enjoyed wielding my spanners and sockets.  I promised not to tell the public, but whilst he was under there I got him to grease my nipples. (A Land Rover propshaft has 3 grease nipples and there are two propshafts).

Monday and today I have been having a good time in the chilly sun.  saw the nurse on Monday and she said if I could keep the dressing on there was no need to go in today, so I haven't seen them today but will do tomorrow.  The cavity wound is healing well from the bottom and they tell me I am doing a great job of keeping it clean.  I'm not doing much other than showering though, so it must just be clean.

Have booked the Land Rover mot for tomorrow afternoon so I have spent some time checking it over, pretty sure it will pass with an advisory on the exhaust leak at the back box joint.

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