Monday, 22 April 2013

Back in my GPs care

Got an appointment to see my GP and the practice nurse today.  My Doctor was still feeling guilty for not getting back to me after I asked her about the swelling but was very pleased to see and here what had happened on Friday.  She also had good news, Fridays blood tests showed that my sugar levels are back down again and I haven't hit diabetic levels (yet).  She says not to worry about it until after radio therapy is over and then we can talk about lifestyle and stuff.  I am planning a life style change once radiotherapy is over anyway, not sure I want to go back to being a self employed training consultant anymore.  I want to carry on being a self employed motorsport instructor, and chauffer but you can't earn a living at that. At the moment I would like a nice little regular income that leaves me free to do the driving jobs.  I am getting too old for the stress and energy needed to run training courses, write reports and live in hotels.  I have been at it full time since 1989, a year now of doctors, hospitals and doing not much has given me time to do a lot of thinking.

Anyway, the nurse changed my dressing, after yesterday's fell off in the shower this morning.  The practice nurse has put a little sticky dressing on so I can shower in the morning and I will back in the surgery lunchtime.  Got my shorts on today, it was glorious this morning but it is cold and overcast now so I may have to get some proper clothes on.  The antibiotics are making me feel pretty awful, but anything that makes me better is good.

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