Saturday, 27 April 2013

Tried to post from my new tablet

But using a touchscreen keyboard and the blogger interface wasnt easy, so back to the old technology of the netbook.

Good couple of days, Sharon said today that I sound as if I have turned the corner.  I think that is Dorset for getting better.  I certainly feel better today than I have since the end of February.  Went down to the Health Centre and saw the nurse, new one I hadn't seen before.  She said the wound looks really clean and is healing well, which was good news.  I celebrated with a trip to Screwfix and Halfords.

Ian came round and we cut the grass (I supervised) and put the bits back on the shed that had fallen off.  Smoked samon and scrambled eggs for lunch and a sit on the sofa this afternoon.

Post script.   Now downloaded the blogger app to the tablet.

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