Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Up further today

Up very early as Sharon was off to London today.  On the advice of the nurse yesterday I decided not to shower until just before I saw her today.  Showering soaks the dressing and it falls out, so she said to leave showering until just before it was to be changed.  I was up early but dossed around un-showered until 11:00 ish. 

Will have to go to the Health Centre again over the weekend as the practice don't open.  Not sure what will happen next week, we are reviewing on Friday.  If the infection is being beaten by me and the anti-biotics they want to change the dressing every other day.  According to the practice nurse every time they change the wick it delays the healing of the incision by 12 hours.  If they change it less, it will heal quicker once they decide it is clean.

Anyway, I decided to drive to the surgery, then to the post office and then go for a drive.  All went fine and knowing I can get out and about always lifts my spirits.  The nurse said to carry on as normally as possible, not to go to the gym (no chance!) and to take it fairly easy.  She said the worst thing I can do is to stay on the sofa feeling sorry for myself.  I need to move about a bit to get my circulation going to carry the anti-biotics to the infection site.

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