Monday, 15 April 2013

Saw the Surgeon today

I am beginning to think that nobody other Prof Hassan really cares.  Saw the surgeon, Mr Mihai today for a 5 week post surgery follow up.  Two weeks after the op I contacted the ward I was in because they had said to contact them if I wasn't happy or had any questions, so I did, I was swollen, the swelling was hard.  They said 2 weeks was early and I was probably OK, if it got any worse to contact my GP.  Knowing how long it can take to get an appointment with my GP, I emailed her anyway.  She said she agreed with the nurses on the ward and if it got any worse to go and see her or the emergency doctor service.  It hasn't got any worse, and it hasn't got any better.  Mr Mihai saw me today and his face said it all.  I have a haematoma (collection of blood not in blood vessels) which is, evidently, occasionally an issue after the sort of op I have had.  Those of a squeamish nature who don't want to know the detail should stop reading now and follow this link.

Those of you still reading, remember it was your decision.  As part of the operation they removed my left testicle.  Since the operation my scrotum and penis have been very swollen and the skin has been hard to the touch.  Today Mr Mihai asked me what has to be one of the best questions I have ever been asked, "Do you mind if I stick a needle in your scrotum?".  Now I am sure if I google 'needle scrotum' it will take me to some terrifying websites, so I am not going to.  He stuck the needle in, attached a syringe and withdrew some fluid which is now off to the path labs for analysis.  He suggested I should get some athletic support underwear which will reduce the effects of gravity.  Ebay has revealed some interesting ideas, but the leather one with studs was very expensive.  he doesn't think I have an infection.

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