Monday, 24 June 2013

Seconds away, Round 2

Started my second chemo regime today.   Nine tablets at breakfast, 3 more at the hospital, a bag of IV in my PICC line, then 4 tablets more for lunch, just had one for tea need another before bed and then the same again every day for 2 weeks. Most of them are antiemitics to stop the chemo making me sick.

My appointment at The Brodie Centre was for 9:30, but you know what happened, you've heard me ramble on about NHS appointments before.  Dr Pratap said it would just be a short appointment at the Brodie for chemo, that was part of my reasoning for asking for it in Banbury.  I left the hospital at 12:07.  OK some of it was my fault as I hadn't gone over on Friday and picked up some tablets that I had to have an hour after food and an hour before the IV chemo.  But I had breakfast at 8:30, gt the drugs at 9:40 and took them and the IV chemo didn't turn up until 10:15.  They are all doing the best they can with the resources they have available, they just need more resources.

Came home, popped over to see Mum and encourage her to take some of her pills.  Then I dismantled the barbeque, loaded it in the Land Rover and took the remains to the scrap bin at the tip.  Came back the long way and felt pretty good.  The sun was out, I was driving the Land Rover and all was good with the world.

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