Friday, 28 June 2013

Chemo head

Wel it is the end of this first week of chemotherapy and it is taking its toll.  I have been able to get on with some odds and ends, but it has made me really tired and a bit nauseas.  Managed a couple of governor's meetings and some phone calls and paperwork but haven't had the energy to achieve the things I hoped.

It hasn't been helped that my 30 minutes of chemo requires a pre-chemo injection ad 30 minute wait.  So far it has been between 2 and 3 hours each visit.  Could be worse, I could have a 2 hour car journey to Oxford for it.  The Brodie Centre is great, fantastic staff, good atmosphere and so far I have only encountered nice patients too.

Struggling to write this as chemo head has taken over and I am watching Seasick Steve live from Glastonbury on BBC 4.  Concentrating on one thing with chemohead isn't easy, trying to do two is almost impossible.  But I think I have made it.  Seasick Steve has finished and it has taken me an hour to post a blipfoto and write this much blog.

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