Sunday, 23 June 2013

A great birthday weekend.

I have had a lovely weekend, preparing me for the chemo regime.  Saturday, Lauren was here early in the morning and we spent all day getting organised for a little birthday party in the evening.  We went shopping, reorganised the house, put up the borrowed gazebo and did some cooking.  We had told people any time from 4:00 pm and the first guest turned up about 4:45.  By 8:00 there were between 30 and 40 people, the barbecue had broken and beer was being drunk.  Good times.  Barbeque was usable, but doing an even better job of burning sausages than usual.  I didn't get much chance to talk to people but just having so many friends here did me good.  Was great to see some of the regualr blog readers putting names to faces they previously only knew via facebook and the blog.

Today we have been to Haynes in Bedfordshire for Haynes Village 100  It was bought to my attention by a motorsport friend and seemed like a nice way to spend an afternoon.  Pictures are here  Lauren and Ian stayed Saturday night so we got up for a cooked breakfast and a leisurely start.  I opened all my cards and a few presents.  Lauren has bought me a book to write things in.  I have already started a little black book with all the essential information they will need to know, but this one is much more substantial and will have room for memories, feelings and things.  I cried when I opened the book.  It focused me on the future, theirs is bright, mine is not so.  On the way back we passed the airship hangers at Cardington and visited this dovecot, it's huge.

Had a visit from The Howards when we got home.  Great to see them, more good friends.  I have also had an email from a friend mentioning a Cancer Centre in Bristol who practice some alternative therapies like visualisation.  Going to do a bit of googling if chemo doesn't numb my brain too much tomorrow.

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