Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Hospitals, family and stuff.

Had a great couple of days in Dorset.  Well OK, overnight and two lots of traveling, but I love traveling. So I am going to do some more.

Mum went into hospital last Thursday with an infection, it made her very weak and confused.  The doctor thought it would be the best place for her and I agreed.  However, it seems getting her out again is almost as chaotic as my exits from The Churchill have been.  When I went in yesterday they said the OT and PT would do an assessment this morning and she would be able to come home this afternoon.  I was planning to go and see my Dad this week, so I delayed a day, hoping I could pick her up this afternoon, get her settled in the flat and go tomorrow and Thursday.  Hospital rang this morning to say the OT can't do the assessment until tomorrow, so Mum can't come out until then.  So, If I go to see my Dad, I won't be able to collect my Mum.  If I don't go and see my Dad, I don't know when I will be able to.  I am planning to drive over this afternoon, after I have been to the hospital and checked they can cope with letting my sister know that Mum needs picking up.  Then I can go and see Dad on Wednesday morning.  I just want a simple life.

Not sure what signal I will have in terms of wifi, should be able to blog from the blackberry and can usually manage to get a blipfoto up from there, but just in case I am taking the Olympus and the tablet.  Might be visiting Macdonalds for coffee and free wifi.

Looking forward to a long trip in the Land Rover.  I am aiming to find some Suffolk fords and might even try a few lanes round Thetford way.  Need to be careful though as I am not as fit as I used to be. 

Just had a phone call from the hospital, they wanted to arrange a CT scan for Mum, I told them she was in Juniper Ward and they could go and get her.  They told me she had been discharged!  Time to stop blogging and walk across to the hospital.

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