Thursday, 20 June 2013

Another Great Day

We had a very peaceful night at the Abbey Hotel.  I didn't expect to have an actual abbey next door,
with a chiming clock.  Slept through it until 5:00 am, then heard 7:00 and 8:00.  Great hotel breakfast, like it should be with cereals, fruit, fry up and croissant.  Not all at once obviously.

Then we went back down to Morgan for our factory tour.  They were running late because two parties had not turned up.  In the end we went with the first group to arrive.  There are lots of pictures here.  It was very interesting.

My highlights from the tour:-
They have changed the way they produce cars to enable them to make more.
They still put the cars on 2 wooden trestles to build them.
The only quality inspection is at the very end, and they nearly all pass.
There is informal peer quality review along the way.  If the aluminium won't fit the ash frame Dave goes and asks Nigel what he is up to!
There were quite a few young craftsmen in the factory, Morgan will live on.
I didn't manage to blag a ride in a 3 wheeler.

After the tour we spent some time in the museum and then started home.  Stopped in Worcester for a look at the Cathedral and city centre and some coffee/tea.

Off to the Churchill tomorrow to get a PICC line fitted.  Oh Joy.

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