Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Anuvver nice day except........

I had to go to The Brodie Centre for my chemotherapy pre-admission. Chemo starts on Monday, PICC line is being fitted at the Churchill on Friday, will have to go to the medical centre sometime Saturday to have it checked. They tell me the chemo will make me sick, give me diarrhoea, constipate me and give me headaches. Sounds fun.

Before that I went to see John for coffee and a go of his hydraulic press. We pushed the new bushes into the Skoda suspension swing arms. I think that means I have everything I need to put it back together, just have to find the clutch release bearing.

After hospital I needed to do something fun so I went and drove some of the local Warwickshire lanes in the Land Rover. Sausage and pasta for tea, get organised for a day with a Morgan tomorrow and an early night for an early start tomorrow.

Regular blog readers are welcome to contact me about my birthday celebrations, on Saturday (That's an invite). Planning to light the bbq, drink some beer and mix with people before chemo starts and I am in isolation in the toilet avoiding infection, nursing my headache and suffering from at least one of the bowel side effects.
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  1. I'm not sure I should say I'm enjoying reading your blog....but in a funny way I am. You see, not having seen you for a couple or three years now, I read it as you say it....! I hear your voice, the inference you place on certain words, the jovial comments………its good to read.
    There are things I would like to say/ask, but not here……..we must meet up for a coffee.
    Keep the blogs coming.
    Chris Stone.

  2. Yes we must Chris. Let me see how the chemo goes, if I can overcome the potential side effects, coffee it is.