Saturday, 29 June 2013

Good Chemo Day

Week one of regime 2 behind me.  We have been to Bloxham steam fair today.  Sharon and I have been going since we moved to Banbury, most of the family have joined us at some point.  Norman and Lesley joined us today.  I wasn't expecting to last long as chemo has got the better of me every day this week at some point. But apart from a food craving and a sugar craving I have been fine all day.

When Martine told me, last year, to listen to my body, I didn't really understand.  During regime 1 I had milk cravings and knew exactly when to sleep. Today about 12:30, I had to eat, something spicey, something filling and quick.  Fortunately we were close to a thai curry provider and sweet potato and carrot curry did the job.  I went from wreck to fine.  About half an hour later I needed sugar, bag of fudge and I was fine.   Weird, but I know what Martine meant now.  It seems a whole new level of communication exists in my body, if I can just use it to get rid of the cancer I will win.

I have just watched The Strypes from Glastonbury on the beeb.  How can ones so young produce such blues?  Check them out.   Lee Brilleaux had to smoke 40 number 6 a day for 20 years to get a voice like that.  I have come to the conclusion that souls are re-encarnated, no way could they do it in so few years.  

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