Monday, 17 June 2013

Great Weekend and week off to a good start.

After a bad Friday, the weekend was much better.  We went to Cambridge on Saturday for a haircut.  Lauren drove all the way there and all the way back.  She was clearly paying attention all that time she has spent in my passenger seat, she anticipates well, keeps herself safe and drives with confidence.   Sunday we went to Silverstone for MG Live.  Sharon and I first went about 25 years ago and have been many times since, with and without the MG.  The racing was good, with a variety of grids, the parking areas were great with a huge variety of cars and the classic bus tours of Silverstone were great fun (Lauren and Sharon went twice!).

Today Mandi from Macmillan came to see us.  We had a good chat, found out some useful things,cried and laughed.  She is going to put together an advance care plan for me.  This will tell all the health care professionals that I don't want to die in hospital and I want to spend as little time overnight in hospitals as I possibly can.  I'm not being stupid, if the chemo results in an infection I will go in for antibiotics, but I don't want to end up like the elderly men on the Oncology Ward whilst I was having chemo.  I would like to keep some dignity and Sharon is happy for me to be at home.  I am writing about it on here so everyone else knows my wishes.

Whilst we were chatting to Mandi, Andy turned up in the van and snuck down the side of the house to the Land Rover. By the time I got out there he had got the clutch pipe and cylinder off, fitted the new cylinder and was almost ready to bleed the system. We bled it and it is now sorted.  I took a run out in it this afternoon and called at the scrapyard to get a 'new' headlight switch for the Polobanger.

Sharon has had her first grass mowing lesson and spent a whole chunk of the afternoon in the garden.  I joined her for a couple of little jobs.  It is such a nice place to be.

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