Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Wednesday Week2

Week 1 slayed me.  I slept at some point every day.  This week with just the one drug is easier.  Kept going all day yesterday, thanks to 3 cups of caffeinated coffee I suspect.  Struggled to sleep last night.  Back to decaff again today, hopefully that will give a better nights sleep.

Got through The Brodey Centre in 90 minutes this morning.  I was supposed to be in at 1:00 pm, they rang me yesterday and asked if I could get in for 8:30am.  It was a struggle poking a leg out of bed at 7:25, but I did it, I was home byu 10:00 and I feel pretty good considering.  It is bright and sunny here now so I think I might take a ride out at lunchtime and catch some fresh air.

I have booked a Caterham 7 for next week to give Ian his birthday treat.  It is a shame he won't be able to drive, insurance companies!  The hospital say I will be fine by next week, the poisons will clear over the weekend and I should have a fun week.  Only on the poison this week, no steroids, no anti-emittics, no pain killers.  Feeling good.

Sharon  found some pictures from our recent escapades, I like these ones:


  1. Love these photos - smug and sinister in the same day ... Cool

    1. Which one's smug and which one's sinister?????