Friday, 12 July 2013

No cause for concern

I know, I haven't blogged since the beginning of the week when I was hoping I would get better and the pills would work.  You have all been thinking "Oh no, the indigestion is so bad he can't type!".  Au contrare Rodney, Au Contrare.  I have been having a good time!

It is after all Chemo 'Good Week'  when I am asupposed to get a break from all the drugs and poisons and get on with life.  So that is what I have and will be doing.  Tuesday was bit grotty, but the medication had clearly started to work and I was up and about instead of being bent over double with stomach cramps.  Wednesday I went for a drive with James to Leamington and back and then went and rowed up hay with Andy.  Out in the sun and having a good time.

Yesterday I took Ian for his birthday treat.  I had offered him the chance to have a day out with me and drive a Caterham 7 on a circuit, but that isn't what he wanted.  He wanted to spend the day with me driving and him in the passenger seat.  So we did.  Picked the car up from Berkeley went south and over the old Severn crossing to Chepstow, up the Wye Valley to Monmouth, over the hills to Hay-on-Wye, across to Brecon, over the Beacons to Merthyr, across The Heads o The Valley Road to Abergavenny, B roads to Monmouth, back down the Wye Valley to Chepstow and back to Berkeley.  I think the only time Ian stopped smiling was when it all got a bit sideways on the way to Hay on Wye, when his expression went to surprise for a moment, then back to smiling.  We had a great time.  Picture on blip here

I did let him have a sit in the hot seat, so he knows what it will feel like when he is old enough to drive one

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